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Dear Friends,

We are deeply saddened that, after twenty years and 35,000 adoptions, we have had to put all operations on hold. In recent days, critics have sadly chosen to ignore all the good two decades of rescuing pets have brought to the community. Don’t let their voices be the only ones. Spread the word on social media and to the press about all the positive aspects of The Haven.

Here are some talking points:

  • We annually spayed/neutered, microchipped, and adopted out over 1,800 rescued pets.
  • We adopted out over 35,000 rescued pets since we opened.
  • We are a no-kill option for pets of deploying Soldiers.
  • We had our own onsite vet clinic and veterinary staff.
  • We were the home of planned Wounded Warrior programs.
  • We have helped thousands of volunteers / service men and women achieve community service hours and vocational training.

Here are some key people in the press and social media site to contact:

We are deeply grateful to our thousands of supporters who have helped us throughout the years. Every one of you is a hero to the pets we rescued together. Your tireless work, donations, and love that you have shown made us the most successful rescue in North Carolina.

We will post more information as soon as it becomes available.

Thank you Tommy Deese
for this Wonderful Haven Video!

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Important Adoption News


$80 for Select Rescues 3-4 Years Old
$50 for Select Rescues Over 5 Years Old




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$1 a Day Fund

Remember how the Love of your pet made you feel?

Thousands of pets in our area are waiting to offer the miraculous gift of love to just the right person. And with your help, The Haven - Friends for Life offers thousands of homeless pets a place of hope and safety:
- to recover from abuse and neglect,
- to receive emergency and routine medical care,
- or simply to have enough time to find the right permanent home. To find the one person who will give and receive the miracle of love.

But this Miracle is not free.

The Haven needs continual support from the community to carry out its mission. A mere $1 per day($30 per month) can save the life of one homeless pet. Twelve hundred sponsors, each giving $1 per day will ensure The Haven continues to meet its operating expenses in 2009.

Won't you help share the miracle?

Become part of an organization dedicated to saving lives and sharing love-right here in our own community.

$1 per day.

So little can mean so much. Sponsor a homeless pet today! link


Help the Haven, Help Soldier’s Pets

Tax ID - 31-1-487955

The Haven is often a Soldier's pet's last hope for re-homing when foster plans fall apart. The Haven serves Ft. Bragg, one of our largest military bases, and is the primary No-Kill Shelter in the area. Many owner surrenders to The Haven are from military personnel when they have no other option.

If you can FOSTER a pet, please e-mail us at

If you can ADOPT, e-mail us at
or DONATE - for $1 a day you can finance the care of an animal at the Haven awaiting adoption!!